A Brief History Of Teeth Whitening

Would you believe that teeth whitening has been occuring since the middle ages? Fortunately, things have progressed quite a long way from the defiling of teeth in a jar of concentrated Nitric acid!

Whitening gel was first used to whiten teeth in 1884 and although science has progressed a long way since then, there has never been a recorded case of whitening gel damaging the structure of a tooth. Beyond's latest contribution to whitening is using a whitening accelerator (sometimes referred to as a LASER) that actually filters out all harmful UV and IR light, making it the safest Laser Teeth Whitening procedure currently on the market.

In the US, teeth whitening is now a $15 billion industry. The Association of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening reports that UK whitening treatments are now growing at a rate of over 10% per annum, and increasing year on year. This makes it the fastest growing cosmetic industry in the whole of the United Kingdom.