The Operating Environment

The White Room has recently made it possible to own your own teeth whitening venture! In line with our strategy of rapid expansion, we proudly offer the most competitive business start up rates. We also offer heavily discounted sales of whitening gels and capital equipment. Perhaps most importantly, none of our agents are locked in to any form of franchise agreement. You will be able to run your business independently and as you see fit!

Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening

What you get

  • Beyond Laser Whitening Accelerator
  • Curing Light
  • Professional Aspirator
  • Dental couch or choice of portable couch with b/hole and cushion plug
  • Sterilizer Tray
  • Beyond II economy treatment pack and Beyond gel package
  • 100 Codent textured latex gloves
  • 100 DermaPrene non-latex gloves
  • Instructional Video
  • 2 x Protective Eyewear goggles
  • 7 x Lip Protractors
  • 1000 dental rolls
  • Dental roll dispenser
  • 100 green loop surgical face masks
  • 500 disposeable surgical bibs
  • Operation manual
  • Advertising media including brochures, leaflets and banners
  • Full and comprehensive training
  • Full medical liability insurance to 1 million pounds sterling

Teeth Whitening


Revenue and operating costs

After the initial outlay, the only real costs are for gel packs. Each gel pack will treat between 8 and 10 patients. Business associates may also opt to open a clinic, in which case additional overheads are naturally applicable.

Teeth Whitening

Business Generation

Business owners can expect to receive patient referrals from our centralized call centre. However, generation of business is the ultimate responsibility of the owner.

Beauty salons with established clientele and a fixed business address experience the greatest immediate success. Enacting banners and brochures in your salon, will generally be suffcient to generate a large client turnover. Further prospecting or advertising is possible, although a salon will have to consider if they are able to cope with excess demand and some salons eventually invest in a second whitening accelerator.

For businesses without an established premise, we have found that canvassing fitness centres, health spas, beauty salons or other related cosmetic salons will produce a minimum average of 5 clients per week. This involves leaving your personalised leaflets in a salon and paying a salon 50 per client referral. The product is easily sold and around 85% of salons will be participatory.

Establishing a clinic for the sole purpose of Laser Teeth Whitening captures significant additional clientele from 'walk-by' traffic. We are able to offer advice and guidance to all prospective buyers.

Most businesses generate an average of ten clients per week with minimal advertising. A few business associates are treating around 30 patients per week, generating profits in excess of 7,000 per week. Each patient takes an average of 1 hour to treat.

Customer Pricing

The White Room charges a set price of 250 per patient, per teeth whitening. We recommend to most business purchasers that they do not charge more than this fee. The price of 250 is extremely competitive (note that many dental surgeries are still charging around 700 for the same treatment). A price of 250 encourages high turnover, creating positive externalities in the way of additional clients and word of mouth advertising. It has also proven to be the most cost effective pricing strategy and it is appealing in that it promotes a fair, reasonable and affordable price to the consumer.

Selection Criteria

The White Room will only sell its business brand to candidates who demonstrate a suitable blend of capability, personal integrity and presentation. Backgrounds as healthcare professionals, doctors or dentists are highly desirable. We also encourage applications from those who are currently working in the cosmetic sector, or from individuals who offer a strong history of customer service.

Sale of business is subject to an informal interview. Customers may be asked to provide a Curriculum Vitae and references.


In line with our growth strategy, the white room is the cheapest provider of laser teeth whitening equipment in Ireland and the UK. We also offer a more comprehensive package than most distributors, who charge up to 6 times the amount. If you would like to discuss cost, please contact us on +353 01 4600 588.

The White Room; the Parent Company

As the parent company, The White Room has a vested interest in ensuring the success and prosperity of its new partners. The special relationships we maintain with our business purchasers create an environment of cooperation and understanding. This allows The White Room and its business associates to share and take advantage of enormous positive synergies.

Teeth Whitening

Advantages to the White Room include:

  • Brand exposure and broadening the image of 'Beyond' technology
  • Added capital (through sale of businesses), which is redirected to advertising and market research / development
  • Increased geographical exposure and therefore provision of a more comprehensive and timely service to all customers. This translates into greatly improved client satisfaction and better brand recognition / reputation.
  • The addition of new and skilled cosmetic professionals. Current operatives include dentists, spa and beauty treatment centres and nail or hair salons. Backgrounds are not exclusively cosmetic. We have operatives with diverse experience, including the NHS, public service and from private practice.

Advantages to Purchasers

  • Hugely discounted purchase price with massive benefits in terms of free advertising and utilization of The White Room brand name
  • The potential for added revenue via our centralized internet referral system.
  • The Purchaser may still trade as a completely independent company in their own name, at their discretion
  • A wealth of marketing and advertising research, to provide guidance, support and advice as to 'what works'.
  • The White Room provides ongoing training and support to all staff and business associates
  • The White Room will offer its expertise in all areas of teeth whitening, including the provision of a 6 day a week customer advice telephone service.

For further information or to arrange an interview,

please telephone Daniel McCarthy, General Manager, on +353 01 4600 588